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Pixie Nanny Agency


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Our Story

At Pixie Nanny Agency our priority is assisting families in finding the best child care possible, while also advocating for nannies. Nanny professionals are often underpaid and underrepresented. It is a profession many women pursue wholeheartedly, but leave due to abuse, disrespect and underappreciation. Although it’s one of the most underrated professions, it is also one of the most important as your child(ren) will develop a relationship with their nanny. 


Nannies are the loving, patient and understanding extension of the household, and should be treated with mutual respect. Although parents set the standards, nannies are responsible for implementing those healthy habits and behaviors. They are dedicated to helping your tiny human(s) grow, learn and stay safe. 


Therefore, we believe nannies should be compensated with fair living wages, legal payroll, a mutual contract that both parties can agree on, out-of-pocket expense reimbursement, and a toxic-free work environment. 


It takes a special nanny to be chosen at Pixie Nanny Agency; certifications, experience and education just to name a few qualifications. No nanny is the same, but one thing they all have in common is the time and love they invest into your growing family. 


the founder

Prescilla has been part of the child care industry since the age of 16, is a professional nanny and entrepreneur. She was born and raised in sunny Southern California. She is part of a large Latinx extended family, consisting of many, many babies and never gives up the chance for a cuddle.

Though she earned a degree in Journalism, her affection for children is never far behind, inspiring her to pursue a Newborn Care Specialist certification. Her priority is to always create a happy and healthy environment for all children to thrive. Through Pixie Nanny Agency, Prescilla devotes her career to doing just that, finding the perfect nanny who will bring magic to your home. 

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